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Gloves | Sartoria Voglio

The handmade men's gloves ‘Voglio’ are made with fine deerskin, known for its softness and resistance. This high quality leather offers a feeling of luxury and comfort to the touch, but also ensures good handling of objects and a strong resistance during the years.
Each pair of gloves is entirely hand-sewn in Naples, a city renowned for its artisan tradition. Here, skilled master craftsmen of the Voglio family work with passion and dedication to create masterpieces of handcrafted haute couture.

The style of these gloves is bold and trendy, perfect for the modern man who wants to stand out in an elegant way. The combination of high quality materials and impeccable style gives the gloves a sophisticated and contemporary look.

Wearing the men's handmade gloves by ‘Voglio’ not only adds a touch of elegance to your outfit, but also represents a declaration of taste and appreciation for artisan tailoring, experimenting with the union between tradition and modernity, embracing the best of Italian fashion.